Toni Balijagic totals 1,755 pounds (796kg)

Toni Balijagic is not just one of the strongest drug free vegan powerlifters in the game, he’s one of the strongest vegan powerlifters full stop. On November 21, 2020 He competed in the Beasts of NY powerlifting comp put on by the HERC powerlifting federation.

Squatting in wraps he hit a 620lb (281.2kg) PB, followed by a raw bench PB just shy of a monstrous 200kg (435lb / 197.3kg) and finished up with a solid 700lb (317.5kg) deadlift, close to his best ever lift of 326.5kg.

You can follow Toni’s lifts at and openpowerlifting.

His raw (wraps) total of nearly 800kg is one of the largest ever put up by a vegan lifter.

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