Vegan Tank: Not Tofu-K with

MVS Powerlifter Noah Han­ni­bal was re­cent­ly in­ter­viewed by Joshua Katch­er for the The Dis­cern­ing Brute – Fashion, Food and Eti­quette for the Eth­i­cal­ly Hand­some Male. In July Noah also won the gold medal in the heavyweight division of the Australian National Bench Press Championships.

“Noah Han­ni­bal, AKA Ve­g­an Tank, is one tough Aussie. That’s right, not ev­ery dude down-un­der is clog­ging up all their plumb­ing at Out­back Steak House, or hunt­ing crocks and kan­ga­roos with boomerangs and giant knives… Com­pet­i­tive pow­er­lifter, hero to an­i­mals, pho­to­g­ra­pher, de­sign­er, and all-around gentle­man, Ve­g­an Tank is a true 21st cen­tu­ry man, blaz­ing a trail that re­defines mas­culini­ty and stands proud­ly by con­s­ci­en­tious machis­mo.”Read the interview

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