Vegan power – smashing stereotypes

Four powerlifters from MVS competed in the Global One IPF (International Powerlifting Federation) competition last weekend. It was a hugely successful day where ignorant stereotypes about veganism, such as that you can’t build muscle and get strong without eating animal products, were well and truly smashed.

Noah Hannibal took the ‘best lifter’ trophy home, squatting 200kg, bench pressing 170kg and deadlifting 230kg for a 600kg (1,320lb) total. Joel Kirkilis and Andrew Clark , competing in their first competition, won their weight divisions and Patrick Virtue came second in his. Photos from the competition can be viewed in the photo and video section.

Joel Kirkilis 195kg deadlift
Joel Kirkilis deadlifting a 195kg PB on his way to a 500kg total

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