LaurensIf you have a choice to live a compassionate lifestyle with the smallest footprint on the planet and the healthiest effect for your body, wouldn’t you live it? Right? Yeah I know, let it sink in. It took me a while as well, before I completely realised the benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

After being vegetarian for a few years I became a vegan on the first of January 2008. And the results have been fantastic. Not only have I finally completely stepped away from the exploitation of animals, this great green diet has also made me healthier and more energetic then ever before.

I’ve picked up the Vegan Strength training as it compliments my martials arts training. Plus the best way to show people that you can become strong and powerful on a vegan diet is purely leading by example. 

Sports: Wing Chun Kung Fu, fitness, tennis

Best lifts: Bench 85kg, Deadlift 180kg, Squat 120kg

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