JustinI have been vegan since 2007, at the flick of a switch I made the change upon realizing the cruelty all animals face and how they are exploited.

I have always disliked the way in which people almost gang up together at the expense of an innocent defenceless animal, whether it be hunting, at the sale yards, on farms, or the roads, or the jokes they would have over stories at a piggery or slaughterhouse, just in general peoples attitudes towards animals, it makes me feel sick inside.

To me it is similar to a group of adults grouping together against young children. Just sickening.

When you go vegan and make the connection, it is even way more noticeable, and I have really struggled being in workplaces full of terrible examples of these types of people, even living in areas full of them, and eventually realized it was really even more widespread than that, with most people having that disconnection to animals and also a real widely held prejudice against vegans.

Rather than just be angry I choose to also be defiant and try to lead by example. People cannot ignore someone that is stronger and healthier than them. Of course since being vegan, I have met a lot of ridicule by all sorts of people but find a great deal of satisfaction standing up for what I believe in regardless of the numbers against me. I did not automatically start weight training when I went vegan, I actually just enjoyed playing around with all the different vegan foods for a couple of years, veganising everything. I even tried a raw vegan diet, which got me down to 78kg at one point (the lightest I had ever been)..

When I decided to start weights I didn’t have all of the info correct by any means, and it has been a process of learning and adapting. I started my experimenting with strength training around 2009 and consistency has been a battle for me with life events throwing me off course quite a few times. So it has been stop/start and really clear that consistency coupled together with correct information hard training ethics and a smart approach, is key to progress.

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