HaydenChoosing to abandon animal products was one of the most rewarding and important decisions I have ever made. My general health is at an all time high with energy to burn.

I have taken part in weight training on and off for years but my most noticeable gains in strength have taken place as a vegan. With the option to obtain all necessary dietary requirements needed to support a strong and healthy lifestyle from non-animal products, without substituting flavour or convenience, the change to veganism was an easy one for me.

I have been off animal products for around three years now and am loving every day of it. The major highlight of my week is training with the crew at MVS, having the support of like minded individuals and some healthy competition which has helped to push me to new heights with my lifts. My major goals for the future are to reach 200kg squats, bench above 140kg and one day nail a triple bodyweight deadlift.

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