Andrew CMy choice to become vegan was an ethical one, I no longer wanted to be responsible for the suffering of another living being just because it was convenient and the social norm. Like most people I was raised as an omnivore and lead to believe that I required animal flesh, dairy and eggs as staple ingredients in my diet in order to remain fit and healthy.

After becoming vegan I began to analyse what I was putting into my body and realised how unhealthy my diet was in my omnivorous days. Being 24 and having been vegan for the past three years I’ve never felt better in my entire life.

Having trained for a few months at the local gym as the only vegan there, I felt out of place amongst the meat-heads and their pro-meat and dairy propaganda. Training with other vegans who share the same ideals and goals as myself is a great motivator to continue pushing myself, and each other.

Aside from looking to improve on my own fitness, strength and overall well being, my motivation to begin strength and fitness training was to dispel the stereotype that vegans are scrawny and weak. I wanted to become a living example of the benefits of veganism and that you don’t need animal products of any kind to be fit and healthy.

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