I am vegan for ethical reasons – animals are not commodities, and their lives are no less valuable than our own. No living being deserves to be enslaved, exploited, abused, slaughtered or neglected.

Training is my passion, but it is also my way of making a stand and proving that animal products are completely unnecessary, even in sports that require strength and muscularity.

I have been vegetarian since 1999 and vegan since 2009. I always loved animals, and never wanted to eat them. As a vegetarian, I didn’t really think about where my dairy and eggs where coming from – I had a mental image of happy free range animals enjoying the grass and sunshine, living out their days care-free. Thanks to the plight of many animal rights, rescue and activist groups (including Animal Liberation Victoria) my eyes were opened to the horrific truth of all animal industries, and I made the choice to go vegan.

In 2013 I started competing in bodybuilding competitions in the “figure” division, which is judged on muscularity, symmetry and femininity, without the size and “mass” of female bodybuilding. I also started training with MVS in 2013, and I LOVE it! Powerlifting has contributed immensely to my overall physique and strength. There’s also something immensely satisfying and addictive about lifting heavy weights!

I have gained the majority of my muscle and strength on a 100% plant based vegan diet, and I am on my own little mission to dispel the myths and stereotypes surrounding veganism, and to show people that it IS possible to be fit, strong, healthy, lean and muscular on a vegan diet.

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