This page features profiles of some of the athletes training as part of Melbourne Vegan Strength. It also serves as the MVS powerlifting strength table, with participants displayed in order of powerlifting total.

Noah HannibalNOAH HANNIBAL I have been a vegan for over twenty years. I first got into strength training when a bodybuilder I met was mocking vegans saying you couldn’t be strong without eating meat. This bodybuilder was on a high protein ‘caveman’ diet and on the juice as well, he was built like a dumptruck and had arms the size of tree trunks. I had to stand up for vegans so I challenged him to an arm wrestle to prove him wrong. READ MORE
Squat 215kg, Bench 192.5kg, Deadlift 245kg Total 652.5kg

Justin JUSTIN I have been vegan since 2007, at the flick of a switch I made the change upon realizing the cruelty all animals face and how they are exploited. I have always disliked the way in which people almost gang up together at the expense of an innocent defenceless animal… READ MORE
Squat 170kg, Bench 130kg, Deadlift 240kg Total 540kg

Joel KirkilisJOEL KIRKILIS I’m a 27 year old competitive natural bodybuilder. Being vegan has never prevented me from building size and strength and, in fact, has only helped build up my physique. READ MORE
Squat 190kg, Bench 150kg, Deadlift 195kg Total 535kg

Hardcore IVIVAN AKA HARDCORE IV I am 27 years old and ceased consuming non-human body parts and secretions just over 5 years ago. I have been weight-training for about 4 years and have made tremendous  improvements to my strength levels.  I have also recently taken up strongman and hope to compete in the near future, I am also the current Australian one-hand lift record holder. READ MORE
Squat 160kg, Bench 120kg, Deadlift 222.5kg Total 502.5kg

Andrew CANDREW My choice to become vegan was an ethical one, I no longer wanted to be responsible for the suffering of another living being just because it was convenient and the social norm. Like most people I was raised as an omnivore and lead to believe that I required animal flesh, dairy and eggs as staple ingredients in my diet in order to remain fit and healthy. READ MORE
Squat 160kg, Bench 102.5kg, Deadlift 220kg Total 482.5kg

ScottSCOTT I have been vegan for six years now. I first got into it after researching into how my food is produced. I found it upsetting to see how animals are abused on the invalid basis they are required for nutrition. My aim is to prove the suffering of animals is not necessary to be healthy and strong. READ MORE
Squat 172.5kg, Bench 97.5kg, Deadlift 210kg Total 480kg

HaydenHAYDEN Choosing to abandon animal products was one of the most rewarding and important decisions I have ever made. My general health is at an all time high with energy to burn. I have taken part in weight training on and off for years but my most noticeable gains in strength have taken place as a vegan. READ MORE
Squat 160kg, Bench 110kg, Deadlift 180kg Total 450kg

LaurensLAURENS If you have a choice to live a compassionate lifestyle with the smallest footprint on the planet and the healthiest effect for your body, wouldn’t you live it? Right? Yeah I know, let it sink in. It took me a while as well, before I completely realised the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. READ MORE
Squat 120kg, Bench 85kg, Deadlift 180kg Total 385kg

Simone Collins - Vegan Figure ModelSIMONE I am vegan for ethical reasons – animals are not commodities, and their lives are no less valuable than our own. No living being deserves to be enslaved, exploited, abused, slaughtered or neglected. Training is my passion, but it is also my way of making a stand and proving that animal products are completely unnecessary, even in such sports that require strength and muscularity. READ MORE
Squat 67kg, Bench 57kg, Deadlift 115kg Total 239kg

REBEKAH I’ve been vegan for almost 8 years now and have never looked back and so glad I made the conscious decision to change my lifestyle for the better.

I began to get serious about training about two and a half years ago and found a real love for training when I started CrossFit a year and a half ago. I love being able to combine cardio, plyometric, gymnastic and weight training together and never get bored due to the variance in training, and also really enjoy group training. READ MORE
Squat 75kg, Bench 52kg, Deadlift 105kg Total 232kg

AmandaAMANDA Becoming vegan is the best thing I have ever done, yet for some reason people’s reactions to my choice aren’t always positive. I have had so many people telling me, you’ll get sick and you can’t live without meat, well last time I checked I wasn’t dead! I have way more energy being vegan than I ever did before. READ MORE
Squat 55kg, Bench 41kg, Deadlift 100kg Total 196kg