MVS training 2009

joel squatting 170kgs, benching 130kgs and deadlifting 180kgs, march 2009

andy deadlifting 172.5kgs, march 2009

hannibal deadlifting 232.5kgs, march 2009

hannibal’s first powerlifting competition at the geelong open, february 2009 (520kg total)

hannibal 160kg bench press

andy PBs: squat 112.5kg, bench 90kg, dl 170kg

scott PBs: squat 105kg, bench 65kg, dl 140kg

pat PBs: squat 92.5kg, bench 67.5kg, dl 132.5kg

pimp slap fail and hayden bench 92.5kg, squat 122.5kg, and deadlift 155kg

andy bench 87.5kg, squat 105kg, deadlift 165kg

amanda deadlift 80kg, bench 36kg and random violence

scott powerlifting pbs: squat 97.5kg, bench 57.5kg, deadlift 125kg

pat squat 75kg, bench 60kg, deadlift 127.5kg

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MVS crew 2009MVS crew 2009

Hayden deadliftingHayden deadlifting

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