About MVS

Melbourne Vegan Strength (MVS) is an informal training crew formed to show how easy it is to be vegan and gain huge amounts of strength.

The crew was started by a few aspiring powerlifters tired of hearing ignorant opinions about veganism, such as that you can’t be strong without eating meat and other animal products.

Since MVS began the participants have been getting consistently stronger, with some bench pressing well over 400 pounds, more than most carcass munchers will ever manage.

These results directly challenge anyone who says that going vegan is going to result in a loss of strength. The best part is that when people see strong vegans lifting heavy weights it causes them to reconsider any anti-vegan attitudes they might hold.


Melbourne Vegan Strength on Facebook.

Vegan Fitness. Many members of MVS are also part of the forums at vegan fitness, a fantastic resource for anyone interested in vegan power, with many of the strongest vegans in the world counted among the active posters.

Our sister site German Vegan Strength.

Uproar Vegan Store. Online vegan store (Australia) which stocks vegan proteins and supplements.

Vegan Essentials. Online vegan store (USA) which stocks vegan protein, supplements and equipment.