2010 Victorian Open

MVS’s Andrew Clark and Noah Hannibal lifted in the 2010 Victorian Open put on by Powerlifting Australia. Andrew squatted 160kg, benched 97.5kg and deadlifted 212.5kg for a raw comp pb total of 470kg and the silver medal in the 90kg weight division. Noah squatted 207.5kg, benched 180kg (in a bench shirt) and deadlifted 230kg for a comp pb total of 617.5kg and the silver medal in the 125kg weight division.

Andrew Clark lifting 470kg total

Hannibal’s 180kg bench press

Hannibal and Andy with their silver medals

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  1. PK says:


    incidentally any chance you guys will let me join your fb group? :(

  2. hannibal says:

    thanks peter! just added you on the facebook group (it doesn’t get much use)

  3. HPG says:

    Andy is hot. Tattooed vegan boys are the best :)

  4. Kimmm says:

    What HPG said ;)

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